Charter a Yacht in Mallorca, Spain

Yachting in Mallorca, Spain

Mediterranean waters of a stunning blue, golden sands and beautiful coves justify the title of one of the most beautiful islands in Spain. Mallorca is the capital of yachting in the Balearics although often sitting in the shadows of her more well-known sister island of Ibiza. Explore the Mallorcan coastline whose filled with hidden coves and private beaches only reachable by yacht, or explore the protected seas of the Cabrera Archipelago Maritime Park where you will find whales and dolphins. On land, taste the Pintxos, whilst enjoying an authentic Spanish sangria.

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Why Charter a Yacht in Mallorca, Spain

Despite sitting in the shadows of her more well-known sister, the island of Ibiza, Mallorca is the capital of yachting in the Balearic Islands. With stunning clear blue Mediterranean waters, golden sun-kissed beaches, and beautiful coves, Mallorca is one of the most beautiful islands in The Balaerics. Yachting in Mallorca allows one to discover its 262 beaches and hidden coves or to explore the protected seas of the Cabrera Archipelago Maritime Park where you will find whales and dolphins. On land, enjoy the authentic pintxos (tapas), whilst enjoying an authentic Spanish sangria. Mallorca is best explored by sea, with a coastline filled with hidden coves, private beaches, and protected archipelagos reachable only by yacht. Explore the beauty of the island and rent a luxury yacht and behold the best view of the city while on charter. Mallorca’s capital, Palma, sits within the island’s largest bay and is known for its rich history, modern art, and tapas restaurants. Palma is a bright medieval town centered around the impossible-to-miss cathedral completed in 1601. Palma is a bustling city with a rich history and several luxury hotels, restaurants, cafes, bars, and shops. All of Mallorca’s cities possess a strong cultural history, from their Roman period to Mallorca’s well-known history as a base for pirates. Sailing along Mallorca’s coastline, you will arrive at the city of Andratx, once a popular pirate hideout. Drop anchor, and spend the day exploring Puerto Andratx, a stunning natural harbor ringed by an amphitheater of beaches and cliffs. Similar to the lawless history of Andratx, the uninhabited island of Sa Dragonera, just off the coast of Mallorca, was kept known as a smuggler’s lair and to this day remains a pristine marine and island reserve. Enjoy a relaxing day on the water exploring the deserted beaches and coves whilst lounging in the water and taking in breathtaking views.

Yacht Charter in Mallorca

Another island just off Mallorca’s coast is the island of Cabrera. Known in the Balearics as Palma’s best boating spot, the Cabrera Archipelago Maritime Park was used as a military base and closed off to the public until 1988. Its 19 islands are accessible only to those who arrive on their own boat. And there’s no better way to check these out than by taking a yacht cruise for the day and exploring the entire Mallorca coast. As you drop anchor, catch a glimpse of the whales and dolphins as they roam the protected waters.

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Close to Cabrera, but back on the island of Mallorca, lies Mallorca’s famous Caló des Moro. This secluded cove is considered one of Europe’s most beautiful beaches. The best way to traverse the island which is surrounded by rocky cliffs and glistering crystalline turquoise blue waters is by renting a boat or chartering a yacht. Its waters are exceptionally warm and calm making it perfect for a peaceful afternoon in the water. Appreciate the stunning view of the entire island and make sure to create remarkable memories with your loved ones. Witness the glamorous side of Mallorca’s harbor, Puerto Portals or Port Adriano boasts super yachts and was designed by the world-renowned designer Philippe Starck. Dress to impress while you enjoy your sangria at one of the area’s trendy bars. If you are still looking for further inspiration on possible tours, you can check out: - Mallorca Yacht Charter - Marina Balear - Super Yacht Charter Mallorca Yachting in Mallorca will prove to be an experience not to be missed and will make for lifelong memories for you and your guests. Enjoy this stunning part of the world as it was meant to be seen - by the water. For a luxury yacht charter, if you are looking for convenience, check out YachtLife’s app, the best boat rental app available on ios and android. Download the app and book your yacht now. You deserve it! For more rental locations, check out all our yacht charter locations.



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