Yachting in La Paz, Mexico

Yachting in La Paz, Mexico

A paradise lying within the Gulf of California, La Paz is the perfect destination for those wishing to relax and enjoy nature. From La Paz it is possible to sail to many of the gulf’s UNESCO protected islands, go dolphin and whale watching, swim with sea-lions at natural aquarium at Isla Espiritu Santo, or simply snorkel in the stunning Sea of Cortez.

La Paz, Mexico
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Why Charter a Yacht in La Paz, Mexico

Embraced by the Sierra de la Laguna mountains on one side and by the Sea of Cortez, on the other, the city of LaPaz is the picturesque capital of Baja California Sur and an often overlooked yacht charter destination. Often called the Galapagos of Mexico, this destination is a must-see for any charter guests looking to discover these protected islands and unique flora and fauna. La Paz boasts both old-world charm and some of the most unique beaches. In fact, with their blend of long stretches of white sand with calm turquoise waters and rich marine life, Baja California Sur's capital city is home to some of the best beaches in Mexico. Combined with the pleasant weather throughout the year, they make La Paz Mexico the perfect place for a memorable beach trip.

La Paz, Mexico: Exquisite nature-lover's paradise

Begin the adventure in a cruise from La Paz to Balandra Cove with it’s the ravishing bay and checkout the famous pods of dolphins in it’s crystal-clear waters. From Balandra Cove, make headway to see the famous rainbow colored volcanic rocks in Espiritu Santo. You can also rent a kayak, snorkel and a paddleboard and enjoy rowing around the bay. Rent a yacht for a day in Isla Partida and experience swimming with sea lions and whale sharks which are the most exhilarating experiences. Come across the Isla Francisco which is distinguished by it’s scuba diving and snorkeling sites which is one of the most unique underwater experiences ever. While sailing, Isla Carmen is offering a relaxation and tranquility as it is a protected area for the conservation of wildlife .Not to mention the mazing and surreal experience to be able to watch the birds while on cruise and enjoying the underwater species with turtles, orcas, dolphins and sea lions. To finish off your trip, enjoy the outright calm and quietness in Isla Monserrat. Experience the must-try reef fishing and billfishing or otherwise, snorkelling around the rocky cliffs with the great manta rays and whale sharks is also an unforgettable adventure.

Boat Charter La Paz, Mexico

La Paz's beaches are in the same direction, moving towards the north side. The best way to explore is a cruise and charter a boat while enjoying the stunning view. There are no bars or restaurants there; so make sure you bring water and something to eat with you. Playa Balandra is a must-see in la Paz. This is the most beautiful beach and the last one. On Balandra beach you can also rent a kayak or a paddleboard and enjoy rowing around the bay.

Family Yacht Rental La Paz, Mexico

There are so many things to do in La Paz, Mexico, to keep you busy for an entire week, or a lifetime, charter a yacht with your friends and family while exploring the rest of the Baja California Peninsula that will not let you down either. La Paz is very popular, among other things, for its spectacular sunsets that you can admire from the Malecon, the promenade by the sea which is also the beating heart of La Paz, where everything happens. Every day is a new multicolored show while watching the sunset reminds you how powerful and generous nature is and you can’t help but admire its magic.

Yacht Rentals La Paz, Mexico: Charter a Boat to Cabo San Lucas

One of the benefits of chartering a boat in La Paz is to traverse and enjoy Mexico’s Baja California peninsula and come across Cabo San Lucas, which is known for its beaches, water-based activities, and nightlife. The city has lots of popular spots, including breathtaking landscapes, stunning restaurants and cafes, traditional Mexican attractions, and of course beautiful beaches.

Boat Rental in La Paz, Mexico: Water-Related Activities

Its excellent location by the Sea of Cortez—the narrow piece of the Pacific Ocean between mainland Mexico and Baja California Sur—means tons of water sports activities. Moreover, the Gulf of California is home to thousands of marine species including whale sharks, sea turtles, manta rays, and sea lions. Rent a boat and you’ll definitely be amazed at countless white sand beaches, outdoor activities, restaurants overlooking the calm blue water, and many more things to do, La Paz is an incredible beach destination in Mexico. If you are still looking for further insights on possible tours, you can check out: - 21 Best Things To Do in La Paz, Mexico - 19 BEST THINGS TO DO IN LA PAZ, MEXICO - La Paz Dream Yacht Charter Yachting in La Paz, Mexico will prove to be an experience that will make for lifelong memories for you and your guests. Enjoy this stunning part of the world as it was meant to be seen - by the water. For a luxury yacht charter, if you are looking for convenience, check out YachtLife’s app, the best boat rental app available on ios and android. Download the app and book your yacht now. You deserve it! For more rental locations, check out all our yacht charter locations.



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