Charter a Yacht in Athens, Greece

Yachting in Athens, Greece

One of the world’s oldest cities, Athens is a yachting dream destination. Boasting more than 2,000 islands ranging from the lush and historic islands of the Saronic Gulf to the world-famous Cyclades. All surrounded by crystal blue waters, sandy beaches, ancient ruins, fine food and drink, sun-drenched beaches and wild nights out.

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Why Charter a Yacht in Athens, Greece

Athens is a yachting dream destination with its more than 2,000 islands spread throughout the Saronic Gulf and the world-famous Cyclades surrounded by crystal blue waters, sandy sun-drenched beaches, ancient ruins and myths, fine food and drink, and wild nights out. Sailing in and around the world’s oldest cities you will explore islands ranging from the lush Spetses to the historic Aegina. Athens is both the capital of Greece and the heart of the Ancient Greek Empire, located in the Saronic Gulf, home to the Argo-Saronic islands, that stretch from the coast between Piraeus, the port of Athens, and the Peloponnese, Greece’s stunning southern mainland. Begin your cruise at the port of Athens and sail to the neighboring island of Aegina to explore the temple of Aphaia - this ancient temple predates the Pantheon in Athens. Dock at Sarpa beach to enjoy a day in the crystal blue waters before sailing over to Agistri where you will find picture-perfect sandy beaches. Although today the city of Athens has turned into a busy, cosmopolitan city, it still preserves elements of its ancient glory. This is the perfect city for visiting ancient sites and monuments, but also the perfect embarkation point for yacht excursions around Greece. Monuments of all historical periods are spread around the town, from the Ancient and Roman times until the Byzantine and Modern eras. Agistri is an extremely small island with rocky cliffs and dense woodland in the Saronic Gulf. It is surrounded by sandy beaches and sparkling waters with amazing clarity, and no fewer than nine separate dive sites. Its close proximity to Athens allows for a day trip, or simply as a harbor for the next day’s cruise to one of the other Argo-Saronic islands, such as Poros. As you charter a yacht and cruise from Athens along the Peloponnese coast, you will reach the small island of Poros, an island believed to be the home of Poseidon. Step ashore to explore Poros Town, a paradise trimmed with sand and pebble beaches on the south shore of Poros lined with private yachts. Lose yourself through the Neoclassical villa with twisting alleys full of local shops and restaurants, lounge in the warm, lagoon-like waters of nearby beaches, or visit Poseidon’s Sanctuary. Half a day’s cruise from Athens, you will find Hydra, widely considered one of the most beautiful islands in Greece. Here, you will find no cars or motor vehicles, only mules and donkeys. Its rustic beauty has attracted celebrities and travelers who seek inspiration and never end up leaving. Spetses, a little further away from Athens, is home to Greece’s affluent residents and the international yacht crowd. Step ashore to visit this old town, boasting Greece’s traditional architecture and legendary history, or sail over to one of its many impressive beaches with turquoise-colored Mediterranean waters.

South Athens

In the southern part of Athens, summer lasts all year long! Just 30 minutes away from Athens city center, Athens Riviera will make you feel as if you are on one of the nearby Greek islands. Stretching from the southern suburbs of Athens to Sounion, Athens Riviera features an array of beaches, coves, resorts, and harbors, along the Saronic gulf. Some of the best places to visit in Athens Riviera are the coastal areas of Floisvos, Glyfada, Varkiza, Vouliagmeni, Saronida, and Anavissos where most of the visitors rent a boat and cruise to experience its beauty. All these Athenian suburbs boast stunning beaches, where you can enjoy a plunge near Athens city center. Apart from fantastic beaches, though, the Riviera also boasts a selection of luxurious spa resorts, watersports centers, gourmet restaurants, and marinas, where many yachts moor. If you are still looking for further inspiration on possible tours, you can check out: - A Yacht Charter Athens - The Globe Sailor - Click & Boat For a luxury yacht charter, if you are looking for convenience, check out YachtLife’s app, the best boat rental app available on ios and android. Download the app and book your yacht now. You deserve it! For more rental locations, check out all our yacht charter locations.



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