Yachtlife Boat Rental Boat Owners Agreement

Boat Owner Interface Agreement. Effective September 18th, 2023.

For mutually agreed considerations, Boat Owner accepts the terms of this Boat Owner Interface Agreement (this "Agreement"); the Terms of Use Agreement (the "Terms of Use"), and the Privacy Policy as available on the YachtLife Website. Such documents may undergo revisions by YachtLife, accessible at: https://www.yachtlife.com/privacy-policy.

Relationship with YachtLife

This Agreement details the conditions for using YachtLife’s offerings, which encompasses products, software, services, and web interfaces (collectively, "Services"). YachtLife refers to YachtLife Technologies, Inc. (“YachtLife”) and [www.yachtlife.com]. (YachtLife and Boat Owner are referred to herein each as a "Party," and collectively as the "Parties.") If Boat Owner does not agree to all of the Terms, Boat Owner must not use YachtLife's Services. YachtLife reserves the right to deny use of its Services to anyone at any time for any reason. Failure to comply with the Terms may result in denial of access to YachtLife's Services and cancellation of Boat Owner's YachtLife account.

Appointment of YachtLife as Payment Collection Agent for Boat Owner

The Boat Owner designates YachtLife as an agent strictly for collecting payments from Users. Payments made by Renters to YachtLife will be regarded as if made directly to the Owner. Consequently, the Owner is obliged to avail the Boat to the Renter as though the Owner directly received the payment.

YachtLife is allowed, as per the cancellation policy chosen by the Owner in the Listing, to:

  • Allow the Renter to cancel the booking.
  • Refund the Renter a portion of the Boat Fees based on the specified cancellation policy.

Though YachtLife acts as a payment agent, it doesn't assume any liability for the Owner's actions or omissions.

Owners are solely responsible for all credit card disputes, refunds, reversals, or fines, irrespective of the reason. You may, in certain instances, challenge these actions by emailing concierge@yachtlife.com. Though we may support you in contesting a charge, successful challenges aren't guaranteed, and Financial Service Providers can deny claims at their discretion. If a claim is successful, the associated funds may be credited back.

Boat Owners bear all losses from the use of lost or stolen payment methods. YachtLife offers no insurance against fraud-related losses. If fraudulent activities occur (e.g., by impostor Users), Owners bear the cost, including any associated with credit card disputes, regardless of whether the service was provided. Although YachtLife may collaborate in aiding the recovery of lost funds or assisting law enforcement, it does not bear responsibility for the financial losses or consequences stemming from fraud.

Boat Owner Obligations

Registration: Before using Services, Boat Owners must register on the YachtLife Website and comply with YachtLife Website registration requirements and the Terms.

Boat Owners acknowledge their responsibility to abide by all relevant laws, rules, and regulations, which might affect existing bookings or their use of the Website. They are responsible for all laws, rules, and regulations related to boat advertising, rental business operation, and any boat advertised on the Website.

Platform Fees

Boat Owners will not be charged any joining or initial subscription fee(s) related to the use of YachtLife's Services. YachtLife, however, reserves the right to charge subscription fees and will notify Boat Owners about any changes in these policies. YachtLife charges Boat Owners a service fee of 10% of the total rental for using the Services. This 10% fee, along with applicable taxes we collect on the rental and related charges, will be deducted from the total amount charged to the Renter before payment is made to the Boat Owner.

Any direct or indirect exchange of money between Renters and Boat Owners other than payment through YachtLife is a violation of this Agreement.

User-Boat Owner Communications

Boat Owners agree that any personal information of other Boat Owners or Users that they access through the Website or any Website-related communication or transaction must be used for Website-related communications or for services offered on the Website.

Content and Layout

All content submitted by Boat Owners is subject to YachtLife's discretion. YachtLife reserves the right to decline any content that does not comply with the Terms.


Boat Owner will defend and indemnify YachtLife against any claims, losses, or expenses arising from the Boat Owner's actions or any breach of this Agreement.


From the date mentioned at the top, YachtLife will, in certain jurisdictions, begin charging and collecting state, local, or other taxes, including VAT, from the User. The collection approach will vary based on the jurisdiction. YachtLife will notify Boat Owners when tax collection starts in their jurisdiction. YachtLife will only collect amounts that they are legally obliged to collect, and they will remit this to the appropriate authority.


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