Private Yacht Charter during the COVID 19 pandemic: The Ultimate Social Distancing?

Private Yacht Charter during the COVID 19 pandemic: The Ultimate Social Distancing?

The first summer of the new decade is upon us, which for many travellers typically means preparing for their well-deserved seaside vacations. But, this shall be an atypical summer; as the world recovers from the new coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and many travellers reorganize their summer plans opting for a more private and intimate vacation amongst family and friends.

As many begin searching for such alternatives, private yacht charters begin to become increasingly even more popular, as it is the perfect alternative to the commonly favored over-crowded, large hotels.

However, many still wonder if it is safe to charter? If it is truly a safer vacation option? What are the necessary sanitation precautions?

Our thoughts go out to all those who have been affected, and we are committed to help avoid any future contamination, which is why we will address many growing concerns surrounding chartering a yacht during the COVID 19 pandemic.

Is A Private Yacht Charter truly a safe travel vacation option?

Yacht Charter COVID 19

We are navigating through uncertain times, there is no 100% safe option when it comes to travel. However, a private yacht charter is, by definition, a more exclusive and isolated experience, where you and your guests will be able to vacation whilst having limited exposure to others.

Your time on the charter is spent interacting mostly only with those aboard your vessel as you cruise from one exotic destination to another, making chartering a private yacht a safer means of vacationing whilst still practicing safe social distancing.

Are there any safety precautions to be taken?

Yacht Charter COVID 19

First and foremost, whether it’s your first time chartering a yacht, you’re a yacht aficionado, or a guest aboard someone else’s yacht – we all can agree that good yacht etiquette is appreciated by everyone, and will make for a better yacht charter experience for all. We recommend checking out this article to ensure the well being for all aboard.

Additionally, despite the fact that all our yachts are always kept to the highest standards of hygiene, with the recent coronavirus pandemic yacht owners and captains have been carrying out deep cleanings after any usage to ensure each yacht is sanitized and disinfected. It is part of the crew’s duty to ensure the yacht is always in impeccable shape.

Apart from the deep cleanings, captains have been instructed to vet everyone before coming aboard to ensure that anyone who shows signs of the COVID-19 opts to seek medical attention before boarding the vessel. This helps to safeguard the vessel’s integrity for your and future charters.

Symptoms may include:

  • Cough
  • Fever
  • Tiredness
  • Difficulty breathing (severe cases)

How flexible is YachtLife if I decide to not go ahead with my charter?

Yacht Charter COVID 19

YachtLife is working with owners to ensure flexibility with any changes that may arise. If you have a charter booked, and you contract COVID 19 or you are unable to travel to your destination due to airline restrictions, YachtLife will work with owners to negotiate a refund or a credit towards a future charter.

Rest assured that you have our full support as we move forward collectively through this, and we are doing everything in our power to protect both our charter clients and owners.

In conclusion, is a private yacht charter the safest means of vacationing?

Absolutely. A private yacht charter will allow you and your guests to benefit from a total and complete seclusion from the crowds whilst fully enjoying and experiencing a completely luxurious vacation.


We hope the above remarks were helpful. Remember, YachtLife is here to help you find the perfect yacht for any occasion but whenever booking a yacht charter, work with your broker ahead of time to ensure everything is ready for your once you embark. Once aboard your yacht, the captain and crew will be there to make sure you are safe and have an unforgettable experience.

Have fun and enjoy yourself. You are going on an amazing vacation and this is an opportunity for you to relax and unwind. To help you out, we have put together some sample itineraries here. You deserve it.

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